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Table Specifications & Warranties

  1. Wood Species: All hardwood shall be kiln dried lumber, premium grade selected, free of visual and structural defects. Species are specified per product.
  2. Veneer: Wood species are specified per product. Veneer is to be rotary cut or plain sliced.
  3. Top Construction: HPL Top, Contract Grade Flakeboard Core with minimum density of 45lbs. Back to balance top with overall thickness of 3/4” or 1” specified hardwood strips on the sides of the tops.
  4. Finish Standards: All finishing materials shall be of the highest grade of their respective kinds. Akin does reserve the right to change or alter finishes without prior notice.

    Side Notes: Table aprons are hardwood or veneer. Legs are secured using metal corner brackets and lag bolts. Pull out work surfaces on desks will be of the matching high-pressure laminate.

    Care and Maintenance

    1. Decorative surfaces may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps.
    2. Do not use cleaners containing abrasives, acids, or alkalis.
    3. Remove stubborn stains with a two-minute exposure to hypochlorite bleach, followed by a clean water rinse.
    4. We do not recommend any of the following reagents to remain in contact with the decorate surface: hypochlorite bleach (except as described above), hydrogen peroxide, mineral acids, hydrochloric acid, lye solutions, sodium bisulfate, potassium permanganate, berry juices, silver nitrate, gentian violet, mild silver protein, bluing, fabric dye, or alcohol containing 1% iodine in solution.

    Recommended Uses and Selections

    1. Wilsonart, Basic Types are suitable for use on fine quality residential and contract furniture; also used for architectural application on columns, wainscoting, valances, cornices, interior doors, and divider systems
    2. General Purpose Type 107- most frequently used for work surfaces on counters, islands, vanities, desks, and tables
    3. Vertical Surface Type 335- the usual choice for the surface of cabinet walls, doors, and drawer panels.
    4. Postforming Type 350- adds the decorative capability of the soft edge to any typical laminate use. Formed edges for counters, desk tops, cabinet doors, and cabinet drawer panels are familiar applications of postforming.

    Warranty: T9 Series -Tables Plus Base, 10 years
    Dining Table Tops, 3 years
    Occasional Tables, 3 years

    From the date of delivery against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. Akin defines normal usage per application for which the item was designed. Warranty does not apply to damage or defects caused by misuse, improper cleaning, incorrect handling, unsuitable environmental conditions (direct sunlight or HVAC exposure), or failure to maintain the product in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Warranty will not apply if the product has been subjected to any alteration, modification, repair or attachment unless carried out by an authorized Akin service agent. Custom product warranties may vary. This warranty does not include any freight damage. All damage claims need to be filed with the delivering company.

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