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Senior Living Warranties


Akin warranty will not apply if product has been subject to any alteration, modification, or repair unless carried out by an authorized Akin agent. warranty provisions will not apply to damage or defects caused by misuse, abuse, neglect, lack of maintenance, improper cleaning, or incorrect handling. Warranty outlined below extends to original purchaser only. Warranty does not include any freight damage. All damage claims need to be filed with the delivering company within specified time frame noted on customer’s acknowledgment. All custom product warranties vary. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Case Goods

5 years full: year 6 & 7 (50$)

To avoid tipping, please use caution when opening doors and drawers of casegoods with casters. Akin will not be responsible for any accidents that may occur as a result of choosing casters as a casegood option. Akin strongly suggests the use of Akin Tether Kits for all large vertical cabinets. Akin Tether Kits provide an increased level of safety, security, and protection. Graining and color of frame or panel may vary due to natural characteristics of wood, Akin cannot guarantee an exact match. other exceptions include unsuitable environments or exposure to elements that may cause expansion and contraction of the wood.


7 years

Akin does not warranty quality or durability of materials provided by the Customer (COM).Cuts or tears detected after signing for receipt of upholstered products are not covered. All foam shall be high resiliency of varying density and ILD rating. All foam shall meet California Technical bulletin 117-2013, Motor vehicle Safety Standard MVss 302, and International Standard BS-5852-Crib 5. Upholstery fabrics will be treated for stain and soil resistance and will be flame retardant. Please note: Do not move occupied dining chairs by using the arms only.

Casters – 2 years; Foam & Recliner Mechanism – 1 year; Sleeper Mechanism – 1 year


3 Years

Damage due to improper cleaning will not be warranted. Decorative surfaces may be cleaned with warm water and mild soaps. Do not use cleaners containing abrasives, acids, or alkalis. To remove stubborn stains, Akin recommends a two-minute exposure to hypochlorite bleach, followed by a clean water rinse. Akin does not recommend any of the following reagents to remain in contact with the decorative surf ace: hypochlorite bleach (expect as described above), hydrogen peroxide, mineral acids, hydrochloric acid, lye solutions, sodium bisulfate, potassium permanganate, berry juices, silver nitrate, gentian violet, mild silver protein, fabric dyes, or alcohol containing 1% iodine solution.

Dining Table Tops-3 years; Occasional Tables-3 years


2 years – wooden bases
10 years – tables plus base (T9)

Akin warrants that its products are free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service. Steel structural components and welds are warranted for ten years from the dare of delivery. All other components are warranted for one year from dare of delivery. Do not overtight en bolts during base assembly as excessive torque will damage threaded inserts. Adapter kits (model TSTAK) are recommended for mounting top s that are nor pre-bored . T9 base manuals with instructions for assembl\:l will ship with base.

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